The Serious Relationship of Art and Technology
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The Serious Relationship of Art and Technology

Art and Technology

The Serious Relationship of Art and Technology

Art, as well as technology, define and continue to shape the world we live in. With new inventions and innovations, the world seems to be making space for a different sphere and new rules. Governed by modern aesthetics, technology in art challenges our perceptions, and that is what creativity and science are all about.

The change in the nature of art, along with the shift in the public interaction and the reshaping of the exhibition spaces and museums are making more room for some of the most amazing artworks through, kinetic pieces, digital art, and works that explore the internet and the online world 3win2u. The mysteries of various sci-fi movies that were considered mind-blowing just a decade ago, today shape our reality.

The Fascination with Internet

Fascination with Internet

Logically, most of the modern production that is somehow related to science emphasizes on the Internet and the virtual online world that altered the notion of art in so many ways, thereby offering an opportunity for literally anyone to display his/her work and for the audience to seek out any piece that interests them. Moreover, the Internet has impacted the art market in more ways than we can tell. Petra Cortright creates her paintings to explore issues of online consumption, rendering them in aluminium and making endless alterations to the computer file until she is satisfied with the end-product.

The Aesthetics of Computer Drawings and Paintings

We should also mention creative practitioners who have not found their creative digital efforts based on conceptual theories but instead focused on pure visuals and beautiful aesthetics, therefore, standing out for the beauty of their animation pieces.

A Disputed Relationship

After everything you have read above, it is quite apparent that technology is redefining art in innovative and more often than not, strange ways. This is the case with almost all mediums and genres; the critics and audiences that are divided into those who perceive science’s impact on creativity is either positive or a negative moment in art history. When this notion arises, there are usually many people that openly criticize such an approach claiming that technology and science has only managed to break the bond between the author and the piece. Moreover, they believe that the entire process of creating art has become much easier and more trivial. This is entirely false and here is why.

Firstly, as long as the artists behind the artworks stay creative and innovative, there is no cause for concern. Secondly, art does not have to be complicated or challenging to be taken seriously. It is actually about the experience the author offers to the public, bringing a change in how the viewer thinks, feels and perceives the world. These aspects are what counts, and it has absolutely nothing to do with the methods that the author chooses to use. With that being said, we should not be intimidated by the presence of technology in art as it does not affect the very core of experimenting, creating and imagining.


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