The Eleventh Day of Christmas - Integration Research
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The Eleventh Day of Christmas

The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Sometimes there is a book that I wouldn’t mind thumbing through, but that I won’t waste my time and/or money actually acquiring. They are the kind of books I might add to my Amazon Wish List without any firm purchasing intention (appropriately tagging it with the “Don’t Buy This For Me” label).

For items such as these a SmartCommons Watch List comes in handy.

A Watch List does one thing: it continually scans your commons for a particular set of items. When an item is found in the Collection of someone in your network you are notified. It is that simple.

You add items to you Watch List in the same way you add items to your Collection. Click on the Collection tab and then on the Add Items link at the bottom of the Collection grid. It is not as hard as that sentence makes it sound. Really.

Once you have searched for and found the item you want to add to your Watch List click on the gold star in the far right column. The item will be added to your list. That’s it.

You can check your Watch List anytime by clicking on the Collection tab and then on the Watch List link. Once there are items on your list it will look something like this.

Another quick way to check your Watch List is to fire up SmartCommons Collection and click on the My Watch List menu item. This list is kept in sync with your online list.

::Added Bonus::
SmartCommons Tip #3
If you manage your stuff offline using SmartCommons Collection you always have an interactive record of your things close at hand with or without bandwidth.

Collection allows you to publish your Music, Books, Films or other Stuff as RSS feeds. Doing this will allow people who subscribe to your feeds to know when you have that new movie or CD–even if they are not themselves a part of SmartCommons.

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