10th Day of Xmas - Integration Research
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10th Day of Xmas

10th Day of Xmas

I like Flickr. The folks at Ludicorp do what they do very well. They have honed a supremely useful tool for one very specific purpose.

Some low-hanging fruit that will be rolled into the live SmartCommons site soon is adding syndicated image feeds to your Gallery. Taking a couple of steps back for a moment: the Gallery on SmartCommons is a simple way to display a small number of images for your friends and family. It also happens to be the way you set up your main picture that appears in the upper left corner of your Start Page.

Adding syndication to the SmartCommons Gallery allows you to associate your Flickr photostreams with your SmartCommons personas. This means that you will be able to show your family and fishing buddies live feeds of relevant pictures that you are already uploading into Flickr (most RSS or ATOM feeds should work).

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