How Technology Is Changing Visual Art
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How Technology Is Changing Visual Art

Visual Art

How Technology Is Changing Visual Art

The rise of technology has brought changes in almost everything and everywhere nowadays. Just like any other aspect of our life, over the years, technology has transitioned conventional visual art to digital art. From graphics designs to 3D printing, technology has changed and shaped visual art in many ways.

With technology opening more and more doors towards exploring the creative space, modern technology has changed the way artists’ work. Earlier artists used clay, cement and paints as mediums for their art pieces but now things have changed. The modern artists make use of different software, digital art tools and imaging techniques to create and design their masterpiece. Some of the contemporary visual artists use 3D effects to transform and their creative ideas into art. The advanced methods and software allow an artist to shape their vision and use their creativity to create much more realistic artworks when compared to those made with traditional methods.

3D printing

To match up to the current rise of technological advancement, a visual artist must adapt and learn to train themselves towards using technological tools to edge-up their skills and release the creativity in their artworks more effectively and innovatively.

Before we used to see many art galleries and exhibitions where different artists display their art pieces, but this is not how things are done nowadays. With the internet on the go, artists have found a new way to exhibit their artwork and art pieces online and let the audience see it for some time. Some of them even use coins or swipe cards to showcase their artworks where a person can simply put in a coin or swipe in a card to see the artworks in the panel for some time, and it will be closed after few minutes then they will need to swipe in the card or put in coins once more to see the art piece again.

traditional artists

Technology has indeed changed the look and feel of visual art in various medium. But with the rising rate of hackers and reproduction of famous paintings with graphics alterations, the traditional artists are still concerned with the authenticity of the craft. With modern-day artists getting more marinated into technology, some believe that the rising advancements and software techniques are diminishing the creative essence of an artist. But still, amidst all the arguments and disagreements some traditional artists embrace the technology and use it to shape their vision more creatively and innovatively. 81-year-old David Hockney, famous English painter, draftsman, stage designer, printmaker and photographer reclaimed his fame by using iPad as his primary tool for creativity.

So, for now, to sum it up we can say that technology has sown the seeds of change in visual arts classes with roots spreading in all ways it can, but the fruit it reaps, sweet or sour? Only time will tell us.


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