6 Types of Gamblers That You Can Find Inside the Casinos
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6 Types of Gamblers That You Can Find Inside the Casinos


6 Types of Gamblers That You Can Find Inside the Casinos

Casinos are filled with gamblers who are completely different from each other. While some gambler will be losing his mind on the winnings and losses, the other gambler might be sitting all calm, trying to focus on the game. At first, you will not realise these traits, but as you grow more familiar with their nature, you will be able to tell what kind of gambler they are. Here are the seven types live casino Malaysia of gamblers that you can find inside the casinos.

Casual social gamblers

Most of the people that are playing at the tables are there to simply have a good time. They do not care to take away a big jackpot which they also won’t refuse, but their gambling habit does not control them at all. They enjoy gambling as it gives them an escape from their working life and helps them socialize with people around them.

Serious social gamblers

They are similar to casual social gamblers. Only in this case, they prefer a few winnings to stay positive along with socializing. They look forward to having a memorable experience when they are playing inside the casinos. They find happiness in challenging their luck and their freedom to do anything. They find the high in betting some money without expecting to win, just because they have enough. They are also closer to becoming compulsive gamblers than casual gamblers.

Escape gamblers

Escape gamblers is the next stage of serious social gamblers who by this time, have multiple escapes, including gambling, alcohol, and even drugs. They try to beat their depression by falling in the compulsion of such things. By this time, they also start losing control over their lives and money. They do not have enough experience to make the right decisions in gambling and lose more often to build more anxiety and depression.

Personality gamblers

Personality gamblers are the cons of the casinos who use unethical ways to win money. They use deception, cheats, blame games to gain an advantage in the games. They are hard to catch as they practice and master their tricks, but it also holds them at high risks of being caught which can result in imprisonment.


Compulsive gamblers

Compulsive gamblers have no hope of recovering from their losses and spoil their entire life in the hope of winning a big jackpot. They believe one big win will solve all their problems, but they keep losing money in the process of chasing that win. It is hard to convince a compulsive gambler that they have the addiction, which makes them lose their family and friends and create financial debts and other problems for them.

Professional gamblers

Professional gamblers are the only ones who understand how gambling actually works and play under a discipline. Their primary profession itself is gambling, and they dedicate a lot of time learning new strategies and studying their opponents before playing the games. Pros are not greedy for wins and have the calm and composure to control their game.

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